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New Balance Glasses

new balance glassesThe excellent qualities put New Balance as one of the sports companies with more sales volume in recent years, placing it in the elite of sportswear, combining the quality and durability of its products with the latest trends. Being one of the few big ones of the sport that continue manufacturing in the United States and England, committed to a fair trade and of quality.

To complete its collection in sports accessories New Balance launches new range of sunglasses and prescription glasses. The collection includes sunglasses and a view for women and men, as well as a collection for the younger ones. New Balance has a wide selection of eyeglass models with bold and energetic colors for the young and daring. In OpticalH we have the latest news of the brand.

New Balance glasses designed to be durable

The New Balance Athletic Shoe Company (NBAS), founded in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts, (United States), by a 33-year-old Briton, intends to investigate foot support points to improve footwear.

From there in the 60s, created the first shoe in the world designed to run expressly. And since then the commitment to quality and innovation have been constant in New Balance, becoming a manufacturer of sports accessories, and among many could not miss the sports glasses. At the moment it has become one of the most important companies of the sector, after a considerable growth.

All New Balance glasses are hand made with the best quality acetate, with flexible rods and rubber terminals, identified with the brand logo, which carry the famous New Balance shoes.
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