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List of products by brand ETNIA

Etnia Barcelona was born in 2003, when David Pellicer takes over his family business. The brand is present in 40 countries, has a 30 million euros income, 90% of it outside our country, with a 25% increase a year, sells 450.000 items and has offices in Miami and Hong Kong. Etnia Barcelona has a twofold perspective in their eyewear collection: on the one hand, colour and different textures and on the other hand, a special connection with artEtnia Barcelona is a pioneer in the colour study and its psychological effects, coming up with combinations from fashion trends. They support eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their concern with environment as a 21st century company makes them use 100% ecological acetate, made of natural organic components (cotton and cellulose paste), which is 100% recyclable and biodebradable.

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