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Silhouette Titan One

Silhouette TITAN ONE

Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette has taken advantage of Milano Design Week 2015 to launch this artistic project. Three leading Italian fashion designer have been chosen: Francesco Ballestrazzi, hat designer, Stefania Lucchetta, jewel designer, and Benedetta Bruzziche, bag designer. Concepts and ideas provided by these three Italian designers have materialized in a new Silhouette collection: Titan ONE Signature Collection. This collection is characterized by genuine designs, simple single-piece frames with pure and unique lines. Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous quote “What is essential is perfect” has always guided Silhouette. So since 1964, season after season, the brand has revolutionized the eyewear industry, getting rid of everything that’s not necessary, keeping only what’s essential. Joining design and technology, they’ve developed solutions to create lightweight rimless frames with minimalistic style

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