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RadarLock Path sunglasses are the latest thing in the high-performance eyewear. Oakley has designed these sunglasses to help athletes make the most of out of high-performance lenses thanks to Switchlock technology, which offers very fast and safe lens swap. Besides, this technology allows athletes to adapt their vision to any environment, including light changes. Apart from their high impact-resistance, all Oakley lenses optimize vision in any environment thanks to High Definition Optics technology. HDO follows recommendations from ANSI (American National Standards Institute) regarding optical clarity, visual fidelity and impact-resistance. These lenses also include Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry to improve clarity along lens surface. This frame’s outline provides a wide maximized peripheral vision and improves side protection against sun, wind and side impact. And if you’re still looking for more protection, Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC radiation. This lightweight and durable frame is made from O Matter and has regulation openings to maintain airflow. Interchangeable nosepads permit  comfortable and customizable fit, and temple tips are made from Unobtainium, ideal for sports because it increases gripping despite perspiration. You won’t feel different pressure points in this frame because its three-point fit system holds both the frame and lenses in precise optical alignment. RadarLock include one of Oakley Soft Vaults that allows wearers to store an extra set of lenses because each frame brings two set of temples: one for days with strong level of sunlight and another one for days with weak level of sunlight. Choose Oakley HD Polarized technology and enjoy best polarized lenses’ maximum clarity. Balance light transmission and adapt your vision with Iridium lens coatings, and use Oakley Photochromic technology to get a pair of lenses that automatically darken in response to sunlight. Oakley original set of prescription lenses are available for RadarLock Path and Pitch.

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