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About CIBA

CIBA VISION offers a wide variety of contact lenses which allow enjoying the same vision quality as you have when using glasses. Ciba offers daily disposable contact lenses such as Daiies Total 1 or Ciba Air Optix (monthly disposable contact lenses) which adjust to the users' life style and follow the recommended programming by professionals in the area.

Freshlook Colors Dimensions

Freshlook Colors Dimensions monthly contact lens by Ciba Vision. It perfectionates a subtle improvement in colour change intended to any natural eye colour. The patented "three in one" technology is designed to mingle with your eyes colour and it provides a natural look. Discover them in bright blue, silvery grey and green emerald.2 lenses per pack.


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  • Brand: CIBA
  • Wassergehalt: 55%
  • Dk (Elastizitätsmodul): 16
  • Kontaktlinsenwechsel: Monatlich
  • Kontaktlinsen-Marke: Freshlook
  • Auswahl der Kontaktlinsen: 2 Stck.
  • Art der Kontaktlinse: Farbig
  • Art der Kontaktlinse: Sphärisch / asphärische




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