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Chanel Bijou eyewear collections get inspiration directly from the costume jewellery that was so characteristic of Coco Chanel’s look. Haute couture designer and founder of Chanel was passionate about baroque jewellery and that’s the spirit Karl Lagerfeld -head designer and creative director of the fashion house- recovers in every Bijou (French word for “jewellery”) collection. All of the designs are inspired by luxurious and glamourous jewelleryBijou line has survived throughout different seasons, adding new designs and making more or less subtle changes. Each one of these glasses and sunglasses belonging to the Bijou collection features exquisite inlaid work at the stems, adorned with glittering strass of different shapes and sizes, creating genuine and chic pieces, such as model 3295B or model 5309BChanel traditional feminine and sophisticated shapes -including butterfly and cat-eye designs- are preserved, although a varied fresh colour's palette is introduced to offer an interesting contrast to the classic craftsmanship. This new style is clearly represented by models such as 5306B and 5307B. However, the elegant classic colour selection of chic blacktortoiseshell and deep brown play an important role as the brand’s timeless colour's palette. An example of Chanel classic's colour selection is model 5292B. Likewise, the iconic double “C” signature is present once again in small or big size depending on the design. Mademoiselle Chanel adored extravagant jewellery so she would approve this lavish style and she would pull it off as only she knew. And because we are very concerned with visual health, with Chanel sunglasses, your eyes will always be protected thanks to UVA, UVB and UVC coatings that are incorporated to all their lenses from factory, blocking a 100% of damaging radiation. Visit Optical H and find out the best Chanel's optical glasses and sunglasses

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