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Systane Complete: Dry eye solution

The dry eye syndrom affects 60% population over 45 years. Around 5 million people only in Spain.

The reasons why we can have dry eye are several:

  • Lacrimal gland does not produce enough tears.
  • Lacrimal gland produces tear but with low quality.
  • Tears evaporate too quickly.

External factors and dry eye symptoms

There are some external factors that can influence the dry eye symptom: dry environments, too hot/cold air, wind, sun, smoke or too much time in front of a screen. Read more

What are the polarized sunglasses?

How works the polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are different from the conventional sunglasses since they have a filter that blocks the sunlight that reflects on the horizontal surfaces such as the sea, the snow or the road. It allows that the useful light, it means, the vertical light is the only one that filters through the lenses allowing a clearer with better colour and contrast. Read more

Glasses for color-blind people: How does it feel to see colours for the first time?


Glasses for color-blind people

This pathology already has a solution, since glasses for color blind people are a fact. Nowadays, the 8% of men and 0’5% of women suffer from colour-blindness. Thus, 2 millions of people suffer colour-blindness in Spain, and 32,6 millions of people suffer it in EEUU, Japan and North Europe. This pathology affects one of every 12 men and one out every 233 women. Read more

Which are the best progressive lenses?


The best progressive lenses

Bernan Maintenaz, a young French engineer invented the best progressive lenses in 1959, called Varilux, nowadays property of Essilor. Right now Varilux X 4D are considered the best, we will talk about them later. Read more

What are the best glasses for kids?

gafas graduadas para niños

The key elements to choose the best glasses for children. If your kids need glasses, you are looking for the best for them. Probably you will have lots of doubts; we will try to answer to the most common ones. Read more

The most common bad habits when using contact lenses

Nowadays  there are still people that do not like glasses, even though they fit well to everybody. Lucky for them, contact lenses exist. Nevertheless, people develop very bad habits when using contact lenses. Worst of all is that all these bad habits can lead to major sight problems. Read more

Your prescription lenses ready to go back to school

It smells like new books, pencils are perfectly sharpened, intact erasers… It is time to go back to school and this means a lot of new challenges (especially parental ones).

As each year hopes to see your children shine at the end of the year come again. But are parents conscious of the importance of visual health in their children’s learning process? According to many researches dropout could be directly associated to some vision problems or to the necessity of wearing prescription lenses. Read more

How do photochromic lenses work?

Photochromic lenses change automatically their darkness degree depending on ambient light but how do they do it?

Photochromic lenses were invented during the 60’s and they are the result of an intense investigation and research work. After many years of hard work it was possible to create a pair of lenses which reacted to ambient light. Read more

Feed your eyes: tips for healthy eyes

Research suggests that antioxidants and other important nutrients may reduce your risk of catarats and macular degeneration. Specific antioxidants can have additional benefits as well; for example, vitamin A protects against blindness, and vitamin C may play a role in preventing or alleviating glaucoma. Read more