Ultem glasses with sun clip

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Plug in glasses from Ultem are perfect if we are looking for glasses with clips, both from sun or special filters for work. There exist different models inside the collection, all of them share the same aim. Each model come with four magnetic clips that offer the perfect solution for different light conditions and work environments.

Eyeglasses with Ultem technology

Manufactured with Ultem, a very light and flexible polymer able to resist deformations. Due to their resistance and lightness they are used in the aeronautic and biomedic sectors. They are very resistant and the perfect ally for work, free time and sports.

Each model comes with four different clips that with the glasses are the perfect team, making it the perfect glasses for different light conditions.

Sun clip eyeglasses

Glasses with sun clip improve eyesight in different environments and light conditions.

New models filter selectively the wave length in which the eye is more sensitive and reduces glares and protects from the sun.

These glasses with filters improve contrast, reduce glares and maintain good sight. The yellow filter increases the contrast in low light conditions, they are useful for driving at night or sports practice as cycling, ski or tennis.

Polarized filters transmit all colours without altering them and reduce glares provoked by sun in plain surfaces. Blue light filter is also useful for people who are looking at screens at work or at home.

All models from this collection are RX-able.

Buy Ultem glasses with clips online

We protect your eyes with this glasses collection, come visit us and get to know them.

1 estrella2 estrellas3 estrellas4 estrellas5 estrellas (Ninguna valoración todavía)