2019 Tom Ford glasses

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Elegance and sobriety are the perfect adjectives to describe 2019 Tom Ford glasses. This year, the brand bets for new shapes and designs in order to create trend, but without losing its conservative essence.

2019 tom ford glasses

An example of this are the rectangular models that the brand offers for its new collection. Regarding the colours, black and brown are the most predominant ones, although it is also true that the brand has decided to risk with green and blue colours in its lenses.

Now, you will find a brief selection the new Tom Ford glasses for this season.

2019 Tom Ford glasses that will be trend

Tom Ford Tripp 666

Tom Ford Tripp sunglasses 666

With an incredible combination of elements such as the metal and the acetate, the brand bets for an aviator model with black and grey colours. This model gives a modern touch and sophisticated at the same time, ideal for any look.

Tom Ford Tripp 666 01b 60 16
349,00 €
225,85 €

Tom Ford August 678

Following the classiest lines, the brand creates this model in an habana colour, mainly addressed to the masculine public.

Tom Ford August 678 01D 56 18
288,00 €
216,00 €

Tom Ford August 678 52N 58 18
239,00 €
179,25 €

Tom Ford Fausto 711

Tom Ford Fausto sunglasses 711

Its straight front gives a futurist touch, which is combined with more classical colours such as black.

Tom Ford Fausto 711 01A 53 20
259,00 €
194,25 €

Tom Ford Austin 677

Its aviator shape combined with the acetate make it the perfect complement with any of your looks. Because of its shape it is ideal for all kind of faces. Its design is ideal for a daily use.

Tom Ford Austin 02 677 01W 54 20
239,00 €
179,25 €

Tom Ford Hutton 664

It is perfecto for those who look for a oversize sunglass. Its straight lines and its thick frame give personality to the model.

Tom Ford Hutton 02 664 52F 55 19
288,00 €
216,00 €

Tom Ford Charlotte 657

Tom Ford Charlotte sunglasses 657

Its butterfly shape together with its metallic temples, give as a result one of the biggest novelties of the brand, it inspires elegance through it simplicity.

Tom Ford Charlotte 657 52G 62 15
369,00 €
276,75 €

Tom Ford Ingrid 652

Tom Ford Ingrid sunglasses 652

This model follows the same line than the previous model, with a butterfly shape and rimless lenses. Its green lenses combined with its golden temples create one of the most attractive combination of the brand.

Tom Ford Ingrid 02 652 28P 60 17
319,00 €
208,02 €

Tom Ford Rosanna 661

The brand bets for an elegant model in black colour. It counts on a round shape and some details that remind us to a butterfly style.

Tom Ford Rosanna 661 01B 54 21
239,00 €
179,25 €

2019 Novelties in eyeglasses models

Metal Cross Aviator 5531

Metal Cross Aviator glasses 5531

Inside this model it is possible to appreciate one of the main Tom Ford elements like the line cross in the centre of its front. This element combined with a metallic frame and an aviator shape create a modern and innovative sunglass that don’t let anyone indifferent.

Tom Ford 5531 028 56 12
321,00 €
240,75 €

Blue Block Cat-Eye Optical 5544

Blue Block Cat-Eye Optical 5544

This eye-cat model stands out because of its simplicity and its thin acetate lines. It bets for a classic shape that never go out of fashion.It is ideal for any look and it is available in classic colours, ideal to combine with other complements.

Tom Ford 5544B 052 55 15
261,00 €
125,47 €

Blue Block Metal Cat- Eye Optical 5547

Blue Block Metal Cat- Eye Optical 5547

This models stands out because of its metallic lines together with a characteristic acetate border in the superior part of the front. It is modern and dare at the same time, the perfect complement for the ones who want to risk.

Tom Ford 5517B 052 54 15
378,00 €
283,50 €

Inside our online shop you will find all Tom Ford models from the last 2019 season. Don’t doubt to ask to any member of our professional group if you have any doubt.

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