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Oakley Lenses

Oakley was born in 1975 focused on the sports glasses production. However it would not be until 1980 when their first model of sunglasses for motorcycles was released. After this, they will specialize on many other sports as cycling, surf, golf or snowboarding among others. Read more

Bollé cycling sunglasses

One of the most important accessories for cycling are the sunglasses. They guarantee security and protection against dust, insects, and air and sun rays.

If you want to choose cycling sunglasses it is important to take into account the material, the resistance, comfort and flexibility, among other factors. Some important cyclists and cycling teams use this brand (Luca Cometti, CCB Fundation Sicleri…) Read more

Tennis and paddle tennis glasses

It is estimated that around 24% of the accidents caused by the practise of some sport, has place in racket sports, such as paddle tennis and tennis. Any distraction or lost of visual acuity can provoke that the ball change its direction and impacts on the player, so it is very important to have tennis and paddle tennis glasses. Read more

Mountain sports sunglasses

Since canyoning, through running, hiking or climbing are some of the most practised sports. Most of these sports requiresome complements such as mountain sports’ sunglasses, that complement security during its practise. Read more

Best glasses for water sports

Water sports are very commonplace during the summer months, even more when there is an adequate temperature for its practise. Water sports glasses are a must during the summer season , due to the fact that they guarantee a quality vision in and outside the water. Read more

Adidas sport glasses- 2018 colection

Outstanding Adidas sport glasses

Adidas brand appeared in 1900 in Germany under the motto “support your vision”. It achieved to create Adidas sport glasses with practical and resistant materials that avoid  the sun, water or dust incidence. Read more

Oakley Flight Jacket new models- 2018 collection

Oakley Flight Jacket have stir up the sport optic world again thanks to its technology. This new design is ideal for all those who practise cycling.

Discover all the details about Oakley Flight Jacket 2018.

The new Oakley Flight Jacket have an open brow that allow a bigger visibility. Besides, it allows you to change the temples and it is compatible with all kinds of helmets. Read more

Running glasses- the most recommended models

Recommended running glasses

In this post you will find interesting information about which ones are the best glasses for running. This activity has become a sport followed by a lot of amateur people as well as for expert runners. Read more

The best winter sunglasses

The best winter sunglasses

Everybody knows that winter sunglasses are essential to protect our eyes in this season. Winter is usually associated with darkness and many people think that it is not necessary to protect their eyes, but the truth is that sun rays are present all year. So, imagine the importance using quality sunglasses if you want to practice winter sports. Read more

What are the best options in glasses for fishing and water sports?


With this post we want to let you know the best lenses options for fishing or to practise water sports. It is really important to be protected from harmful sun rays (especially from those rays which are reflected on water) and care about our visual health. To do this correctly we first need to differentiate between UV radiation and luminosity. Read more

Olympic sunglasses

For any sportsmen/sportswomen (at the Olympics or in their daily training) their focus level determines in a high percentage their performance. Sports sunglasses, apart from offering protection, help to improve your vision and therefore they help to improve any sportsmen/sportswoman performance. Read more

Nike VaporWing are the newest on sunglasses for runners

Nike Vision new VaporWind sunglasses for runners

We introduce you the last Nike design for runners: a pair of sunglasses with the most developed technology specially designed for sportsmen/women.

Nike VaporWing: technology and design for sportsmen/women

The design and development teams of Nike Vision have been two years creating these magnificent glasses which will be available on April 2016. Nike has been working with the prestigious lenses manufacturers Zeiss to create a pair of glasses with a biomorphic adjust. This means that they have been designed to achieve an auto-adjust to any sportsman/woman’s face. Read more