Running glasses- the most recommended models

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Recommended running glasses

In this post you will find interesting information about which ones are the best glasses for running. This activity has become a sport followed by a lot of amateur people as well as for expert runners.

Why  you should use glasses while you are running?

If you run a few days during the week is precise that you use sunglasses, because during this time the sun rays can cause illnesses such as the dry eye syndrome, macular degeneration or cataracts, among others.

What should I take into account while I’m practising running?

Running sunglasses must have certain requirements in order to be appropriate to realize this activity.

One of the main characteristics that it must follow is that it should be a light sunglass and not so rigid. This feature will allow you to run with freedom and it offers an excellent comfort. Besides, it should be an enveloping frame in order to achieve  a better attachment to the face.

The correct ventilation of the glasses is important so the lenses don’t fog and they can allow you to see the surroundings clearly.

The lenses should be resistant in order to hold on impacts and the different climate changes.  On the other side, it is precise to take into account the colour of our lenses in order to achieve a greatest comfort. If you use to go out during the sun hours, your lenses should be dark. If you use to go out during the evening or night, it would be better to use yellow or orange lenses, which give a bigger brightness.

Moreover, it is recommended that the glasses have some filter. Depending on a serie of characteristics it would be better one or another. On one side, it is possible to find the photochromatic filter, ideal for those who practice sports at different  days hours or in different luminous places. Its lenses adapt to the different light changes, making its lenses lighter or darker.

Another filter that we can find is the polarized which gives a clear vision avoiding the reflections. It is possible because the lenses block the horizontal light, allowing a clearer vision of the land.

On the other hand, if you are looking for glasses with bigger benefits and a major protection you can opt for a damp-proof glasses. It means, that they repel water, making easier the development of one activity in wet and rainy areas.

Brands and specific glasses models to run

Many brands offer a great variety of specific running glasses, so probably you would found the model that adapts the best to your necessities. Now, we are going to show you some brands with their most outstanding products.

For example, a great bet is the brand Bollé, with high quality glasses and reasonable prices. They count on an ergonomic design and they allow to the runner a bigger vision’s angle.

Ver Sport also has some collections dedicated to this activity with models and treatments adapted to the user. Some of them have temples with anti-slip temple tips and adjustable nose pads.

Ver Sport Airline I Negro Mate-Azul 60 17
101,70 €
Ver Sport Airline I Azul Mate-Fucsia 60 17
101,70 €

Ver Sport Airline Evo Blanco-Fucsia 58 17
101,70 €
Ver Sport Airline I Negro Mate-Gris 60 17
101,70 €

Ver Sport Patriot Negro-Gris
110,70 €
Ver Sport Patriot Gris-Naranja
110,70 €

Cebé has products oriented to runners inside its catalogue. In this way, its models are made to cover this activity’s necessities having different treatments like the anti-mist.

Cebé S´track 9 L Matte Blue Orange/Light Silver Af
96,80 €

Cebé S´track Pro L Matte Yellow Blue/Light Silver Af
101,60 €

In Oakley the product’s quality increases thanks to the care of the technology’s development and the increase of its features. So, we can find different models that allow change lenses in a fast way and an air circulation system anti-fog.

Oakley Radar Ev Path 9208 52 01 38
136,50 €

Oakley Radar Ev Path 9208 05 01 38
136,50 €

Oakley Flak Jacket 2.0 9188 94 59 12
120,00 €
Oakley Flak Draft 9364 05 67 06
103,50 €

Oakley Flak Beta 9363 02 64 08
96,75 €
Oakley Flak Draft 9364 03 67 06
103,50 €

Oakley Evzero Stride 9386 05 01 38
120,00 €

Finally, Adidas has models with lighter frames ensuring a greater conformability. Besides, its products have temples with the Traction Grip technology, which avoid that the glasses are moving while you are practising some sport.

Tycane S Adidas A192/00 6067 69 06
155,25 €

If you are looking to buy running glasses, we hope that this brief guide about glasses’ models will help you in your search.

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