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The Tatcher effect turns social netwotks upside down


Some weeks ago an upside down picture from last Adele album went around the world and made lots of users go crazy. What was the reason? Everything in that image seemed to be ok…until the users turned the picture and they discovered – not without being suprised – that the eyes and the mouth of the singer were in an incorrect position. So, how is it posible that, when looking the upside down picture, it seemed to be ok? The answer to this enigma is explained by the “Tatcher effect”. Read more

The mystery of the ambigrams: can you see it?


All our ideas and thoughts are a mere reflection of the reality we perceive from the world that surrounds us. The information we receive, mostly, reach us by external stimuli; that is to say, our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But… What if they “cheat us”? Read more