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Systane Complete: Dry eye solution

The dry eye syndrom affects 60% population over 45 years. Around 5 million people only in Spain.

The reasons why we can have dry eye are several:

  • Lacrimal gland does not produce enough tears.
  • Lacrimal gland produces tear but with low quality.
  • Tears evaporate too quickly.

External factors and dry eye symptoms

There are some external factors that can influence the dry eye symptom: dry environments, too hot/cold air, wind, sun, smoke or too much time in front of a screen. Read more

Have you already seen the new models worn by our bloggers this month?

We present you a brief summary in which you will have the chance to see some of these sunglasses combined with their outfits.

Milex has presented us two of his outfits wearing a pair of increidble Dior So Real with yellow mirrored lenses. It is a really trendy model which combines design and fresheness; they will be the spotlight at any party and the main complement for this summer. Find your model at: Dior So Real U5S. Read more

Eyezen, lenses to avoid eye fatigue produced by digital devices

Each day we use digital devices to socialize, learn, work and play. However the constant use of screens can harm our eyes.

Have you ever experienced eye fatigue at the end of the day? Irritated eyes? Headache? Have you even feel pain in your neck? Probably this is because of the impact of digital life in your eyes. Read more

First auto-focus eyeglasses have been developed

focused glasses city coast shape

Technicians and scientists are developing new lenses which will focus automatically and which will allow the user to see correctly from any distance.

As time goes by it is normal to lose some quality in near vision: this is what is known as presbyopia or tired eyesight. From 40 years old onwards our eyes gradually lose their capacity to focus correctly objects which are near making it necessary to wear eyeglasses to correct presbyopia. Read more

Autoadaptation to sports: Adidas Halfrim Pro and Adidas Raylor

Adidas sport eyewear see better be better

Some days ago we talked about the Austrian brand Silhouette and their products. In this new article we will deal with two models created by them for another brand: We are talking about Adidas.

That’s right; behind the glasses of the more than known sports brand we will find the ingenuity, the quality and the design of Silhouette. This means that each time we buy a pair of Adidas sunglasses we are purchasing a product with the guarantee of the Austrian brand. Read more

Lindberg N.O.W. collection’s minimalistic eyewear

This Lindberg collection is the embodiment of the Danish design tradition of discreet. Frames from this collection have been designed with a great attention to detail.

Danish brand Lindberg is well known for innovating in the eyewear industry so much that they receive several design awards every year thanks to their advancements in technology for glasses. In their new Lindberg N.O.W., the brand has set the standards higher up again, with a perfect combination of the latest trends in fashion and the subtlety of technical innovation. Read more

CliC Flex: the new generation of magnetic reading glasses

Clic Flex gafas de lectura magnéticas flexibles

After a certain age, using reading glasses is inevitable. With CliC Flex, you will be able to put on your reading glasses and take them off with a single move, and you won’t lose them ever again.

If you suffer from age-related far-sightedness (also known as presbyopia), you will notice that when you use your mobile phone or tablet, try to read a book or a medication’s leaflet, letters seem blurry and you need to take some distance to see them clearly. This eye condition is very common. It usually appears at the age of 40, when our eyes start losing their capacity to adapt crystalline lens’ shape and their ability to focus and see sharply at short distance. Read more

CliC: the most comfortable reading glasses ever

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable reading glasses, difficult to drop or misplace, CliC glasses are best solution for you.

These reading glasses have been designed with a patented system that allows to put them on and taking them off quickly, and their front connection permits to open them. Read more

We raffle a pair of POLAR sunglasses this Spring!

In Optical H we want you to enjoy your summer as much as you can but in a safe way, that is why we raffle a pair of mirrored (flash lenses) POLAR sunglasses.

Protect your eyes but… always stylish.

Mirrored sunglasses are a trend this Summer; though they have been a well-known accessory so far, they are currently a must. It doesn’t matter what your style is, mirrored sunglasses suit every outfit. They are shiny and colourful, providing a young and triumphant look. Read more

Give sunglasses for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and in Optical H we would like to suggest you get him or her a pair of sunglasses that will win his or her heart. Because there’s nothing more exciting than waiting to see your babe’s face unwrapping such a cool present. Read more