New Silhouette Collections 2016

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Discover Silhouette world: Totally minimalist designs with ultrathin and light frames. Pure style and innovation.

Silhouette design estheticsFounded in Austria in 1964, Silhouette broke all the patterns stablished at that time regarding design and eyeglasses. They have kept their avant-garde style in their frames design for more than 60 years – especially in rimless frames –.

Silhouette is a synonym of totally minimalist designs which are harmonic and beautiful at the same time. The edges of the frames become part of the background fitting any person face-style perfectly.

New season

For this new season Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 Silhouette has kept faithful to their values: minimalism, elegant style and cautious luxury. Their perspective is “because you are unique”. This is to say that their frames’ designs highlight the singularity of each person and let their personality shine.

Titan Minimal Art (TMA) – Anniversary special design

Silhouette-tma-icon-anniversary-editionThis exclusive collection symbolize the innovation zenith regarding their frames elaboration. Their excellent rimless frames designs do not include screws or hinges and, despite that, they are highly strong.

These frames are so light and comfortable that you will not feel that you are wearing them. There is no doubt that they are the best minimalist eyeglasses that you will find.

Silhouette Fusion

Silhouetter Fusion CollectionThis collection combine colourful frames with metallic finishing and rimless style. The result is an elegant and light symbiosis.

Urban Fusion Fullrim

Silhouetter Urban Fusion fullrim CollectionThe design presented in this collection frames is based on urban lifestyle. The main characteristics are lightness, minimalism and comfort.

More images from 2016-17 campaign

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