Gigi Barcelona Eyewear 2020

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Gigi Barcelona launches a new eyewear collection for this 2020 under the name of The Infinite Wait. It is a story in which the clock does not move and the time is paralyzed, creating a combination between reality and dreams.

This new Gigi Barcelona collection is composed by 25 models that maintain the maximum quality, handcrafted production and unique designs that always characterized this brand.

Gigi Barcelona eyewear models


Aviator style glasses, unisex frame with double bridge that eases up the face features. Dehli is made with materials as high density acetate that makes them very resistant glasses.

Gigi 8047 Dehli 5 55 17
176,00 €


If you like ultralight frames the model Luna is your best option. It has a a bit of curvature that simulates cat eye shape.


Delicate and oval frame, perfect for women. As the Luna model, Andrea is inspired in the cat-eye shape and has a reinforced structure made in beta titanium.

Gigi 8044 Andrea 5 53 19
176,00 €
Gigi 8044 Andrea 6 53 19
176,00 €


The Lea model is the perfect combination between style and lightness. This Gigi Barcelona model has a hexagonal frame that adds style and exclusiveness to those who wear them.

Gigi 8034 Lea 5 53 20
176,00 €
Gigi 8034 Lea 6 53 20
176,00 €


All the possible lightness in one model. Jazz has an extra light frame with aviator style made with beta titanium.

Gigi 7516 Jazz 5 55 17
176,00 €


The geometric model Dahlia from Gigi Barcelona has many details that make a very feminine and light model.

Gigi 7514 Dahlia 5 54 18
176,00 €
Gigi 7514 Dahlia 6 54 18
176,00 €


Sometimes Gigi Barcelona creates semi rimless models, that is the case of Ryan. This model has a round shape, perfect for women faces, made in stainless steel.

Gigi 6476 Ryan 6 51 20
112,80 €
Gigi 6476 Ryan 5 51 20
112,80 €


We present the David model, unisex with aviator shape made in stainless steel and acetate as principal materials.

Gigi 6475 David 9 58 14
136,00 €


The Belgrado model is the elegance personified. This aviator model for men has double bridge made in stainless steel that adds a modern and innovative look.

Gigi 6435 Belgrado 1 57 15
112,80 €
Gigi 6435 Belgrado 8 57 15
112,80 €


We present the Gigi Barcelona Kyoto model, with hexagonal shape and semi rimless.

Gigi 6356 Kyoto 5 49 21
165,60 €
Gigi 6356 Kyoto 6 49 21
165,60 €

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1 estrella2 estrellas3 estrellas4 estrellas5 estrellas (Ninguna valoración todavía)