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Futurist sunglasses

Sunglasses play an important role in the protection of your eyes, but they also are used as a fashion complement and there we can find them as an essential item to achieve the desired look.

In the most important catwalks of the world we can see famous models surprising all sunglasses lovers, showing new tendencies in big sizes that will make us forget about small glasses from the last seasons. Read more

Gucci 2020

Sunglasses with Chains

Gucci glasses are distinguished and elegant, it’s the luxury brand that is a reference for the cool people. All the company trends are on the most famous catwalks for this season. Sunglasses with chains and brave styles will surprise you. Read more

Ultem glasses with sun clip

Plug in glasses from Ultem are perfect if we are looking for glasses with clips, both from sun or special filters for work. There exist different models inside the collection, all of them share the same aim. Each model come with four magnetic clips that offer the perfect solution for different light conditions and work environments. Read more

Ives Saint Laurent Glasses Collection 2020

Yves Saint Laurent eyeglasses and sunglasses

New models from this brand are modern and elegant, representing timeless style. Their collection is an excellent collection of exclusive products that are distinguished for the quality that they present. It is the classic and iconic style with elegant details. Read more

Home delivery sunglasses

As we know that glasses are indispensable for many people, we offer our customers a wide range of possibilities for sunglasses. Among them you will find models including protection lenses or specific lenses for sport practice (or sunglasses including prescription lenses for driving and working in a more comfortable way). Read more

Sunglass Styles

Classic Sunglases

Sunglasses protect our eyes, but that is not the only function they cover since many people use them as a fashion accessorie and that is where shapes play an important and fundamental part in gaining the look we want to achieve. Read more

Swarovski glasses 2020

New Swarovski eyeglasses collection

This brand offers a wide variety of models. Iconic, very well elaborated and with very glamorous touches, they combine the brilliant individuality and the modern femininity with urban and elegant styles. Read more

Tom Ford eyeglasses collection 2020

New Tom Ford eyeglasses collection

This brand’s eyeglasses for 2020 count on a great number of models for the new season. The Italian brand have presented its new collection and Optical H has selected the best models for its customers. Tom Ford glasses stand out for its metallic logotype in T shape and their retro designs. Read more

Tendencies in glasses for 2020

New eyeglasses

The tendencies in eyeglasses for this 2020 follow all the new trends for this new season. Designs for this new year are metallic glasses with thin frames, in hexagonal and oval shapes and very light and flexible. Read more

Bolon titanium glasses

New Bolon eyeglasses

The brand presents for this season titanium eyeglasses with great models. Extra light titanium made glasses that is very flexible, adapting to all users. The new collection has retro style, in gold and pink gold in metallic ones and carey and black when the material is acetate. Read more

Chanel Glasses 2020

Chanel is luxury, its glasses are a representation of international style and its fashion is elegance in all its senses. The new Chanel glasses collection is composed by ultra feminine glasses with masculine touches in some models. Read more

New Dior glasses collection for 2020

Dior has launched its new glasses collection for this season. Eyeglasses stand out for its creativity in the new designs. It is one of the most glamorous and prestigious brands in the world.

New models have unique designs and modern shapes. The brand uses quality materials and the latest technology for the creation of their glasses. Dior stand out for its exclusivity and its models attract all people, adding distinction and style to those who wear them. Read more

Oliver Peoples glasses collection for 2020

New Oliver Peoples eyeglasses

Who wants quality and luxury wants Oliver Peoples. This brand reflects in its new collection the history of architecture and fashion, both elements combined look for fitting all users’ style. They are aesthetic models but at the same time very functional. Read more

New Woow 2020 glasses

New Woow eyeglasses and sunglasses

Woow is a strong firm designed for young people and which includes a wide variety of colours and shapes. They are traditional style glasses and their designs are informal, perfect for a daily use, with a modern London touch. Woow invites us this season to be astonished by the vibrant colours from their new collection which includes granite colours, blue opal, saffron yellow, cream, red, etc… Read more