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2019 Versace Eyewear

2019 Versace Eyewear

Through the years, it has been possible to see how Versace sunglasses and eyeglasses have been considered one of the most important parts of the brand. All of them are full of luxury because of their designs, which make reference to art and mythology elements. Read more

2019 Top eyeglasses’ brands

This year, the different brands present eyeglasses’ models where the comfort and the use of first quality materials are the most important in order to achieve long-lasting and practical products. Brands such as Oliver Peoples or Silhouette include in their catalogues designs that are made with the necessary requirements in order to obtain the best frames. Read more

2019 Sunglasses Trends

Along this 2019, spring summer sunglasses trends offer us a great range of options adapted to all tastes. It can be said, that there is not a defined style so, we can find big and small shapes, serious or striking colors, extravagant frames…In one way or another, designers want to emphasize that sunglasses should stand out in an outfit. Read more

2019 Sunglasses Trends

Along this year, spring-summer sunglasses trends offer us a great range of options adapted to all tastes. It can be said, that there is not a defined style so, we can find big and small shapes, serious or striking colors, extravagant frames…In one way or another, designers want to emphasize that sunglasses should stand out in an outfit. Read more

Women eyeglasses trends 2019

Women eyeglasses are in their golden ages. Year after year, the big brands invest more time and effort in order to create designs that, in many occasions, become the top element of a trend outfit.

2019 New trends in women eyeglasses

2019 presents new trends in women eyeglasses, more interesting than the previous years, not only maintaining some actual trends, but the brand’s creativity goes a step beyond with more daring proposals and for all tastes. An example of this, are the transparent eyeglasses, as the new Chanel’s line and its light and delicate aspect new models show. Read more

Best sunglasses for men 2018


Sunglasses for men 2018

With the New Year it is necessary to talk about trends and models that will be a tendency this season. In this post we are going to see all sunglasses for men that will stand out in the next months. Now we show you some information to know the best models. Read more

Hipster glasses

Hipster glasses trend

The hípster glasses trend has been growing in the latest years. They are not associated anymore with a certain part of the population; nowadays we can find this trend in all kind of looks and personalities. Read more

Latest Fashion Blogger Trends

Winter has finally come. Although a little bit late than usual, our bloggers has wear for the first time their new outfits for this season. Besides they have wanted to complement their looks with our latest sunglasses models and directly from France, Italy or Denmark, among others. What shape or style is trendy now? What colors are the best option? They are the best answer to these questions so let see what they introduces us. Read more

Ray-ban eyeglasses. The best selection for 2018.

comprar gafas graduadas ray-ban

Ray-ban eyeglasses. The best selection for 2018.

The American brand is always willing to surprise us. Each season Ray-ban launches new eyeglasses that shake up the market. Glasses are an important part of fashion accessories. In fact, for a few years now glasses are chosen depending on the current trend, always looking for the latest models worn by celebrities or influencers. Read more

2018 online glasses sales

Rebajas opticalh 2018

Online glasses sales

Enjoy our January sales in glasses. You will find discounts between 20 and 50% in all brands. In our online store we have more than 8000 sunglasses and eyeglasses available.

Sales history

The January sales started in Spain in the 40s. After the first year they became a social phenomenon. Long queues in stores and passion for shopping are part of the Christmas spirit. From that moment on, the whole country is waiting for these sales every year. Read more

4 benefits of using sport glasses

oakley gafas de sol deportivas optical h

4 benefits of using sport glasses

Sport glasses are not only a style issue for athletes, but a necessity for many of them. In our online shop you can find the best models, as well as the correct advice to acquire the best sport glasses of the market. These ones will bring you double benefits of protection and optimum vision. Read more

Celebrities’ sunglasses

alessandra ambrosio rayban2

Celebrities’ sunglasses

Inside the celebrities’ world, sunglasses do not only have a functional mission but also take part in their personal style. Maybe this is why the principal brands, year by year, create new models to renovate this complement and give it an innovative touch. Read more

OË glasses, reflection of the soul

reflejo del alma

Oë is a new brand with Canary origins. It designs and creates wood glasses, giving special attention to handcrafted work, from the bare wood to the creation of glasses. Oë glasses are made by hand, one by one, looking for the perfect fusion between the innovative technique and the noblest and most sustainable material: Wood.
The brand bets for hand-made work, since they believe that handcraft proposes a fair job, intimate, sustainable and creative. Working with the hands and making their glasses one by one is an election that get them away from mass production, monotonous and repetitive. They create unique and inimitable glasses. Read more

August tendencies in Optical H

tendencias agosto

Sunglasses by the brand RAYBAN Unisex, model RAYBAN 3576N 043/71 47, with Modern style. RAYBAN 3576N have Rimless frame made of Metal with Square shape in Golden colour. They have OrganicGreenUniform lenses. They are available in different colours. These glasses aren’t suitable for prescription lenses. Read more

New collection Future 41


Summer is already here, and although sunglasses are present all year, in this time they acquire an important role. The necessity to protect our eyes from harmful effect of the sun goes together with the desire of completing our summer look. Read more