Engineering and luxury in Porsche glasses collection

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Porsche Design glasses provide an optimal vision, an exceptional comfort and unequivocal exclusiveness.

The luxury of purism

The essence of engineering is applied to the creation of these authentic jewelries of technique and industrial design.

Each element and each component is designed from scratch and all the unnecessary and ornamental elements are putting aside so its fundamental and authentic functions appear. It is then when the pure lines arise and the beauty of perfection is at the service of men.

Sports performance

The legendary sports performance is present in its frames with dynamics designs and ultralight materials.


Porsche just choose high-quality and innovative materials from which they produce unique pieces as they would do with their exclusive cars as well. One example of that is the titanium interchangeable badge that is located in the frame.

The ability of the competent hands in which projects are devolved upon is what allows Porsche Design to combine their knowledge in optical skills and appearance together with the most cutting-edge technology.

Iconic-style glasses with avant-garde technology

The P’8478 were the first glasses designed by Porsche Design and they still manufacture them nowadays. For that reason this style has already become in one of the most successful and coveted by everyone. The design, original from 1978, has undergone just a few changes in order to add the state-of-the-art technology: the frame is now manufactured with ultralight titanium.


The main characteristic of these glasses is its simple and innovative mechanism for interchanging the lenses. Each person can adapt their glasses depending on their needs or the lightening conditions. In order to do so, you will need to move the anchorage points so the lenses will be free and then change them and close again the anchorage points.

These aviator sunglasses do not only represent an iconic style but so much more. They include a new smart function that gives an entire new purpose and sense to the sunglasses.

Exclusiveness and luxury

Xavi Alonso for Porsche Design Adidas

These glasses are just available in the official Porsche Design stores or in certain stores that are authorized dealers such as Optical H.

As an example of this exclusiveness and the brand’s values, the sport collection that Porsche has collaborated together with Adidas has been introduced by Xavi Alonso, a Spanish football player. This first-level sportsman is dynamic and passionate, precise and self-confident and due to that he represents the modern man, a gentleman both within and outside the competition.

Porsche Design, from highway to fashion

Porsche Design is the luxury brand of the Porsche group which is focused in manufacturing products with technical inspiration. These products have stood out for their pure, functional and timeless designs.


All products are designed by Porsche Design Studio which located in Zell am See (Austria), a little town in the middles of the Alps mountains. Its range of products includes classic accessories for men and women, fashionable and sports clothes, electronic devices, perfumes and even home decorations.

In Optical H you could find exclusive models of Porsche Design glasses that fulfill the values of the brand: Passion. Performance. Purism. Precision.

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