Céline glasses 2018- Unique designs that mark trends.

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New models from Céline 2018 collection.

Céline glasses have been designed in order to remember the 50’s fashion. New models are more striking and count on a great variety of colours. The mythical “Lolitas” or the cat eye shape are some of the models that you will find this season.

Besides, this collection also count on more contemporary products with daring and singular shapes.

Céline sunglasses 2018

The brand presents models with unique designs such as Céline 40040U with a brown squared frame where it combines brown and gold.

You can also find the model 40039U with rimless frames where it is integrated the gold and silver colours with degraded red lenses. A similar model is the 40025I, which presents an habana colour and aviator frame and it has singular elements that make that this product highlight facing others.

Celine 40040U 48F 57 16
274,40 €
Celine 40039U 32T 59 14
388,00 €

Celine 40025I 52B 60 15
253,60 €

40019 model has a cat eye shape. Its little size together with its red frame make it highly desired product, since this season is the model that will be more fashionable.

Celine 40019 66N 56 20
204,00 €
Celine 40019 25N 56 20
204,00 €

Celine 40019 01C 56 20
204,00 €
Celine 40019 68C 56 20
204,00 €

If you prefer modern and daring looks, Céline 40016I will be the perfect choice. This model combines the colours black, brown and jasper in order to create a different and unique sunglasses and glasses that will highlight your look and make you the centre of attention.

Celine 40016I 05F 51 22
204,00 €

For oval faces, round glasses are an option that never fails. Because of this, if you are looking for a more classical and feminine model you can opt for the Céline 40010U or 40034F.

Celine 40010U 01A 50 20
189,60 €
Celine 40034F 52N 50 23
204,00 €

If you are looking for a more futuristic aspect you can opt for the 400301 or 40029I. The first ones count on a rectangular frame of big size in black colour and a nice grey degraded. These allow you to give a flashier and daring look. On the other hand, the second model presents a cat eye black frame, with wide temples which give an avant-garde touch.

Celine 40029I 05A 59 19
224,80 €

Céline eyeglasses

In Céline 2018 eyeglasses’ collection, the model 5003I highlight having a cat eye frame in black colour. These are ideal to wear in any moment, because they offer a feminine and modern touch.

Celine 50003I 001 50 19
272,00 €
Celine 40009I 01A 51 21
224,80 €

If you are interested in Céline last tendencies, we hope that you have found the model that better fits to your taste and necessities thanks to this guide.

1 estrella2 estrellas3 estrellas4 estrellas5 estrellas (Ninguna valoración todavía)