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Oakley is a firm created in 1975 by Jim Jannard. It incorporates a design which permits the user to optimize his/her vision in any situation, thanks to its great variety of lenses and materiasl used which adapt to every user. The architecture of its frames allows a comfy feeling and, at the same time, satisfies the optical requirements of any sportsperson by creating fluxes of refreshing air in some of its models. The result is high-efficiency technology. The idea is producing products whose results and appearance lead those of the rival. Oakley has become the brand of excelency and the solution to those challenges which the users, who look for an excelent efficiency, are facing.

Oakley Lenses

Oakley was born in 1975 focused on the sports glasses production. However it would not be until 1980 when their first model of sunglasses for motorcycles was released. After this, they will specialize on many other sports as cycling, surf, golf or snowboarding among others. Read more

Oakley cycling sunglasses

Oakley cycling sunglasses stand out because of their quality and resistance

Oakley cycling sunglasses have been established as a referent inside the sport sunglasses sector. Every year, the brand achieves to create innovative and revolutionary products that integrate all the element very well. Read more

Glasses for Christmas

optical H xmas gift

Glasses for Christmas

We are going to recommend you some glasses that are perfect for Christmas. With these festivities there comes happiness and joy, and also Christmas gifts.

We like to please our relatives with useful and special gifts. In this season it is important to share and enjoy with relatives and friends. So, in our online store you will find the best prescription and sport glasses to surprise that special person. In fact, you will find all brands and models. Read more

Find your most spring look

At Optical H we bring you some of the most outstanding trends for this spring, so you can find the complement that makes your look more groundbreaking, with the greatest brands in the fashion sector.
RAYBAN VISTA-RX 5121 5628 50 22 Read more

Olympic sunglasses

For any sportsmen/sportswomen (at the Olympics or in their daily training) their focus level determines in a high percentage their performance. Sports sunglasses, apart from offering protection, help to improve your vision and therefore they help to improve any sportsmen/sportswoman performance. Read more

Oakley Custom: your customized glasses

When you choose glasses it is quite important to choose ones that perfectly suit you and you must also feel comfortable with them. For that reason Oakley brand provides a new service: Oakley Custom. A tool that allows the clients to customize their sunglasses with everything they always wanted. Read more

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Oakley, the American interprise dedicated to make tough glasses, was born as an alternative to improve things that already exist. According to its founder, Jim Jannard, “everything can be improved in the world and, in fact, it will”. Technology, science and art fuse together to create the Oakley designs. Read more