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The very essence of FRED lies in the renowned quality of their products because each piece is unique and crafted according to the finest traditions of French eyewear creation. For over 70 years, FRED Paris has embodied the refinement and creativity of the Luxury Jewellery world.
FRED pays the same attention to detail and excellence to each elegant and luxurious frame. The finest gold and platinum are the raw materials of their frames.
Ornamented with precious stones and pearls that remind us of the Jewellery tradition of Fred Samuel, each FRED frame is nothing less than a genuine jewellery piece. But pure and modern lines redefine the brand, giving it a contemporary style.
Precious metals, coloured acetate and natural materials, such as precious wood and exotic horn, are some of the materials used to manufacture Fred frames, blending with modern shapes. The result is a combination of the classical elegance and the contemporary aesthetics.