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New Dior glasses collection for 2020

Dior has launched its new glasses collection for this season. Eyeglasses stand out for its creativity in the new designs. It is one of the most glamorous and prestigious brands in the world.

New models have unique designs and modern shapes. The brand uses quality materials and the latest technology for the creation of their glasses. Dior stand out for its exclusivity and its models attract all people, adding distinction and style to those who wear them. Read more

2019 Dior Sunglasses

Dior presents sunglasses full of striking colours and innovative shapes. These models are presented as an indispensable article for the next seasons.

New 2019 Dior sunglasses spring-summer

This 2019 spring-summer, the brand presents different collections with the same purpose: stand out because of its originality and singularity. The materials that Dior uses for these new models are far away from the typical shape that we are used to. Read more

Dior Sunglasses

Dior sunglasses

Dior sunglasses are characterized for its vintage style, and also for its great quality materials. They are inspired in the classic values that identify the brand, but at the same time are adapted to the new trends. Read more

Dior Reflected VS Dior ReflectedP

Dior Reflected sunglasses are designed in order to satisfied the most demanding clients, who are looking for exclusivity and authenticity in their sunglasses. The brand maintains in this line big sizes and impossible geometric shapes. Read more

Dior Evolution vs. Dior Split sunglasses

They are characterized by a marked vintage style, Dior sunglasses have become in a reference along the years and especially during the 2018. The brand maintains in all its sunglasses’ models geometric lines that count on all luxury details and where the materials’ quality comes first. Read more

Best sunglasses for men 2018


Sunglasses for men 2018

With the New Year it is necessary to talk about trends and models that will be a tendency this season. In this post we are going to see all sunglasses for men that will stand out in the next months. Now we show you some information to know the best models. Read more

Latest Fashion Blogger Trends

Winter has finally come. Although a little bit late than usual, our bloggers has wear for the first time their new outfits for this season. Besides they have wanted to complement their looks with our latest sunglasses models and directly from France, Italy or Denmark, among others. What shape or style is trendy now? What colors are the best option? They are the best answer to these questions so let see what they introduces us. Read more

2018 Dior sunglasses

2018 Dior sunglasses that will be a trend

This 2018 Dior sunglasses maintain their voluptuous lines and impossible geometric shapes with vintage touches. The brand combines the quality of their materials making them perfect products for their fans. Each model stands out for its details; they are an ideal accessory for every occasion, always adding the elegant touch that characterizes the brand. Read more

Glasses for Christmas

optical H xmas gift

Glasses for Christmas

We are going to recommend you some glasses that are perfect for Christmas. With these festivities there comes happiness and joy, and also Christmas gifts.

We like to please our relatives with useful and special gifts. In this season it is important to share and enjoy with relatives and friends. So, in our online store you will find the best prescription and sport glasses to surprise that special person. In fact, you will find all brands and models. Read more

Enjoy our Dior sunglasses collection

dior evolution optical h

Enjoy our Dior sunglasses collection

Today we want to talk about a unique brand, characterized for its originality and exuberance, Dior sunglasses. Their designs have been a trend for years, and 2017 is not the exception. In our online store you will find all Dior glasses at the best prices of the market. Read more

Dior sunglasses 2017 with unique design

Dior evolution sunglasses

2017 Dior sunglasses

Dior sunglasses are characterized for its vintage style, and also for its great quality materials. They are inspired in the classic values that identify the brand, but at the same time are adapted to the new trends. Furthermore, Dior collections achieve geometric lines with details carefully controlled. Thus, the product acquires the quality expected by the brand. In fact, all Dior sunglasses offer the authenticity, elegance and charm that the customer needs. Read more

Dior Trends for this Summer

tendencias julio

Dior sunglasses 2017

The french brand Dior launches its last collection of sunglasses for this season, with exclusive and innovative designs for sun frames and with changes in the brand’s most characteristic models. Dior sunglasses always producing with the best materials that made its glasses unique products, intended for the most exigent customer. Here we present some of the latest tendencies. Read more

Dior Evolution: Past & Present

christian dior logo

The brand Dior today is linked not only to high quality, but class and elegance. In fact, Christian Dior is still considered one of the best and highly sought after designers of all time, even though the designer passed during the late 1950s. Read more

Innovation and technology: meet the newest and the timeless Dior collections

How it all started…

The beginning of one of the most renowned and exclusive fashion houses took place when fashion designer Christian Dior was born in a small village in France in 1905.

In 1935, he began his career as a professional fashion designer. But with his mother’s and brother’s deaths, he was temporarily separated from his true passion. During the Second World War, Christian Dior served in the military but he finally moved back to France again in 1941. Read more