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CliC Flex: the new generation of magnetic reading glasses

Clic Flex gafas de lectura magnéticas flexibles

After a certain age, using reading glasses is inevitable. With CliC Flex, you will be able to put on your reading glasses and take them off with a single move, and you won’t lose them ever again.

If you suffer from age-related far-sightedness (also known as presbyopia), you will notice that when you use your mobile phone or tablet, try to read a book or a medication’s leaflet, letters seem blurry and you need to take some distance to see them clearly. This eye condition is very common. It usually appears at the age of 40, when our eyes start losing their capacity to adapt crystalline lens’ shape and their ability to focus and see sharply at short distance. Read more

CliC: the most comfortable reading glasses ever

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable reading glasses, difficult to drop or misplace, CliC glasses are best solution for you.

These reading glasses have been designed with a patented system that allows to put them on and taking them off quickly, and their front connection permits to open them. Read more