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Chanel Glasses 2020

Chanel is luxury, its glasses are a representation of international style and its fashion is elegance in all its senses. The new Chanel glasses collection is composed by ultra feminine glasses with masculine touches in some models. Read more

Chanel Charms Collection

It’s a well-known tradition in Chanel eyeglasses collections to pay homage to the iconic codes from the French fashion house. One of these iconic codes is present in Chanel Charms collection. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel decorated her life with her favourite gems and talismans in order to get inspiration from them. As she even said, “Luck is a way of being. Luck is my soul.” Read more

Chanel Signature Collection

Chanel Signature is a very special collection from the fashion house because it pays tribute to the emblematic signature of the brand: the interlaced double C. Over the years, the brand has changed their designs but the two “CC” are still the brand’s trademark logo. Read more

Chanel Quilting Collection

Chanel Quilting collection shows Coco Chanel’s passion for this material. When she was young, the fashion designer was in love with Étienne Balsan, a French celebrity and heir to a large fortune. Balsan taught Chanel how to ride horses and she became quite fond of horse-riding and racing. Read more

2019 Chanel sunglasses

There is no doubt that 2019 Chanel sunglasses are associated to two concepts: innovation and exclusivity. It is not causality that the origin of the brand comes from one of the most representative cities of the fashion and art such as Paris. Because of that all its creation are updated. Read more

Latest Fashion Blogger Trends

Winter has finally come. Although a little bit late than usual, our bloggers has wear for the first time their new outfits for this season. Besides they have wanted to complement their looks with our latest sunglasses models and directly from France, Italy or Denmark, among others. What shape or style is trendy now? What colors are the best option? They are the best answer to these questions so let see what they introduces us. Read more

Glasses for St. Valentine

glasses for St. Valentine

 Glasses for St. Valentine

Give glasses for St. Valentine is a great option

Trying to surprise your partner? Giving glasses for St. Valentine is an ideal option. Few gifts are as original as eyeglasses or sunglasses. If you want to please your special person this is, undoubtedly, the perfect option. Take a look at our online store, where we have the best brands and designs. Read more

Glasses for Christmas

optical H xmas gift

Glasses for Christmas

We are going to recommend you some glasses that are perfect for Christmas. With these festivities there comes happiness and joy, and also Christmas gifts.

We like to please our relatives with useful and special gifts. In this season it is important to share and enjoy with relatives and friends. So, in our online store you will find the best prescription and sport glasses to surprise that special person. In fact, you will find all brands and models. Read more