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Chloé sunglasses and eyeglasses 2020

The brand Chloé has always been characterized by its voluminous and original frames. For this 2020 the brand bets for retro and vintage models that make homage to the 60s, presenting round, squared and even in heart shape frames. Read more

Silhouette Essence Collection

The Austrian brand has surprised again to their followers with the new Silhouette Essence collection. This has a great variety of timeless models that stand out because of its designs of simple and sophisticated lines. Read more

2019 Dior Sunglasses

Dior presents sunglasses full of striking colours and innovative shapes. These models are presented as an indispensable article for the next seasons.

New 2019 Dior sunglasses spring-summer

This 2019 spring-summer, the brand presents different collections with the same purpose: stand out because of its originality and singularity. The materials that Dior uses for these new models are far away from the typical shape that we are used to. Read more

Chanel Charms Collection

It’s a well-known tradition in Chanel eyeglasses collections to pay homage to the iconic codes from the French fashion house. One of these iconic codes is present in Chanel Charms collection. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel decorated her life with her favourite gems and talismans in order to get inspiration from them. As she even said, “Luck is a way of being. Luck is my soul.” Read more

Chanel Signature Collection

Chanel Signature is a very special collection from the fashion house because it pays tribute to the emblematic signature of the brand: the interlaced double C. Over the years, the brand has changed their designs but the two “CC” are still the brand’s trademark logo. Read more

Chanel Quilting Collection

Chanel Quilting collection shows Coco Chanel’s passion for this material. When she was young, the fashion designer was in love with Étienne Balsan, a French celebrity and heir to a large fortune. Balsan taught Chanel how to ride horses and she became quite fond of horse-riding and racing. Read more

2019 Chanel sunglasses

There is no doubt that 2019 Chanel sunglasses are associated to two concepts: innovation and exclusivity. It is not causality that the origin of the brand comes from one of the most representative cities of the fashion and art such as Paris. Because of that all its creation are updated. Read more

Dior Sunglasses

Dior sunglasses

Dior sunglasses are characterized for its vintage style, and also for its great quality materials. They are inspired in the classic values that identify the brand, but at the same time are adapted to the new trends. Read more

2019 Carolina Herrera Eyewear

The new 2019 Carolina Herrera Eyewear collection is just a sample of the elegance and sober that characterize the brand. Once more, the house of fashion invites us to discover a wide catalogue of model that always surprise. Read more

Serengeti sunglasses, perfect for driving

Serengeti has launched Serengeti Drivers, a sunglasses’ collection which is made in order to help and give more clarity to the drivers.

These models stand out because of the combination of three technologies which have as a result a superior lenses (Photochromic technology, polarized technology and spectral control technology) Read more

2019 Top eyeglasses’ brands

This year, the different brands present eyeglasses’ models where the comfort and the use of first quality materials are the most important in order to achieve long-lasting and practical products. Brands such as Oliver Peoples or Silhouette include in their catalogues designs that are made with the necessary requirements in order to obtain the best frames. Read more

Roberto Cavalli Eyewear

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses stand out because they have elegant and sophisticated designs. The Italian brand is one of the biggest luxury rbands not only inside the optycal sector. It is also one of the most important brands of fashion around the world. Read more

Chopard Luxury glasses

Chopard, is a luxury brand created in 1860 as an Enterprise dedicated to the making of watches and chronometers. Soon it was known because of its glasses and sunglasses with unique designs.

Inside its variety of models stand out its metallic frames, although it can be also found sunglasses and eyeglasses made of acetate with elegant details that make from the glasses exclusive pieces. Read more

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs sunglasses stand out because of its unique and attractive designs. They are caracterize because of the huge variety of shapes and colours that they have. The brand highlights the lines and the high quality materials which are very reisistant. Read more