Bollé cycling sunglasses

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One of the most important accessories for cycling are the sunglasses. They guarantee security and protection against dust, insects, and air and sun rays.

If you want to choose cycling sunglasses it is important to take into account the material, the resistance, comfort and flexibility, among other factors. Some important cyclists and cycling teams use this brand (Luca Cometti, CCB Fundation Sicleri…)

Bollé sunglasses stand out because of their quality and resistance

Bollé launched in 1936 its first sunglasses, it became very quickly in the first brand that have the best security standards. However, it won’t be until a few years later when the brand will launch its first Bollé cycling sunglasses models. Their major pillars are the fashion, satisfaction and comfort.

The brand’s sunglasses keep revamping and they try to achieve long-lasting sunglasses. Besides of this, all its models are adjustable to the shape of the face, so they not only protect the cyclist’s eye but also all area around the eye.

Bollé sunglasses models count on hypoallergenic silicone nose pads and an anti-fog treatment. This treatment allows the air flows that avoid the moisture. Besides the brand uses a hydrophobic treatment that remove the dirt and water from the lenses.

Bollé cycling sunglasses models

The brand creates models for men and women in order to cover their necessities. Also, thanks to their nylon frame they are lighter, long-lasting and very flexible.

Bollé 6Th Sense S 11912 Matte Black/ Black Blue Violet Oleo
176,00 €
132,00 €
Bollé Bolt S 12357 Matte White/Grey Rubber Pc Tns Fire 74 16
107,00 €
80,25 €

Bollé Bolt 11520 Shiny Black Nxt Modulator V3 Golf Oleo Af 80 16
162,00 €
121,50 €
Bollé Flash 12213 Matte Black/Green Brown Emerald
98,00 €
73,50 €

Bollé Bolt S 11781 Shiny Black Nxt Modulator V3 Golf Oleo Af 74 16
162,00 €
121,50 €
Bollé Vortex 11410 Crystal Smoke
168,00 €
126,00 €

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1 estrella2 estrellas3 estrellas4 estrellas5 estrellas (Ninguna valoración todavía)