Best sunglasses for men 2018

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Sunglasses for men 2018

With the New Year it is necessary to talk about trends and models that will be a tendency this season. In this post we are going to see all sunglasses for men that will stand out in the next months. Now we show you some information to know the best models.

Which are the best sunglasses for men in 2018?

Undoubtedly, you will find different shapes, colours and models that will be in every magazine and Instagram photos. Depending on your face features you will find models that will suit you better. Don’t be afraid! Today we brought you a wide selection for you to choose the best complement and protection for your eyes.


Ray-ban glasses

First of all, we bring the iconic brand Ray-ban and their new sunglasses for men. In this case, you will find from the famous and traditional Clubmaster sunglasses to new models with round shapes, normally with double bridge.

Rayban 3816 990/33 51 21
142,00 €
106,50 €
Rayban 3647N 90683F 51 22
154,00 €
115,50 €

Vuarnet sunglasses

This brand is normally associated with sport sunglasses, but this 2018 they come with new shapes and models to surprise the user. That’s why we can find very different models inside Vuarnet sunglasses. In fact, we can find bold frames and also other models with modern patterns.

Vuarnet 1709 Ice 0006 56 18
232,00 €
185,60 €
Vuarnet 1617 Medium Rectangle Distric 0004 55 18
169,00 €
135,20 €

Persol sunglasses

Now, Persol sunglasses for men are a classic in Italian fashion. Their round and squared models adapt to every kind of face. Furthermore, Persol is not only a fashion brand, but also works really hard in its metal and acetate models, creating solid and resistant sunglasses.

Persol Po3186 106456 53 21
213,00 €
159,75 €
Persol Po3172 960/56 51 20
191,00 €
143,25 €

Dior sunglasses

In the last years Dior have surprised us using new shapes and colours in their sunglasses for men. Therefore, Dior Composit is one of the most innovative designs, since it is very striking and eye-catching.

Dior Composit 1.1 27Ynr 54 16
359,00 €
251,30 €

Fendi sunglasses

Finally, we cannot leave aside Fendi sunglasses. Furthermore, as a result, we find both bold and classic models. You can be sure that you will be fashionable with Fendi sunglasses.

Fendi Fantastic M0012 1Edku 52 22
441,00 €
330,75 €
Fendi Air 0221 J5Gqt 52 20
330,00 €
247,50 €

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