2019 Maui Jim Sunglasses

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2019 Maui Jim sunglasses, as all the sunglasses from the Hawaiian brand, are characterize because of its polarized models. The brand was born in 1980 in a little shop located in Lahiana, Maui. Very soon, they realized about the necessity to create a new technology that void the direct exposition to the most dangerous sun rays. Because of this, they created the exclusive technology PolarizedPlus 2.

Maui Jim sunglasses are created in almost a complete handmade way. They do not allow reflexions thanks to the antiglare treatment.

Maui Jim sunglasses’ models

Polarized sunglasses Maui Jim stand not only because of its technology PolarizedPlus2, but also because of its durability, comfort, ergonomic and resistance to external factors such as scratches.

Maui Jim addresses its sunglasses to those people who practices sports such as golf, fishing or running among others. Inside its models, we can stand out colours such as grey, green or bronze, which allow a clearest vision of the environment.

Nowadays, it is possible to find around 125 Maui Jim sunglasses’ models (all f them polarized and with a 100% of protection.

Maui Jim lenses

Inside our online shop you will find a great variety of Maui Jim sunglasses.

Sponsored agreements

Maui Jim look for transmit the importance of use sunglasses with a great quality in order to protect our eyes from the sun. For this, it makes use of techniques such as the sponsored agreements, for example the one from the Manchester United football team.

Maui Jim Chee Hoo 765 02 54 18
189,60 €
Maui Jim World Cup 266 03F 64 19
188,00 €

Maui Jim Kumu H724 23 64 17
226,40 €
Maui Jim Maliko 324 02D 65 18
262,40 €

Maui Jim Maile 294 10L 60 14
193,60 €
Maui Jim Ocean Rs723 12B 57 16
189,60 €

Maui Jim Ilima HS759 68 53 20
241,60 €
Maui Jim Wiki Wiki HS246 16 59 17
230,40 €

If you want to buy do not doubt. Visit our online web and choose your favourite ones and get all the advantages that we offer.


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