2019 Eyepetizer Eyewear

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Eyepetizer is one of the newest brands from the optical area. Its eyeglasses and sunglasses are innovative and colourful and they also follow the trends. They stand out because of their shapes and designs.

The Italian brand look to attract a young public through uncommon designs. The brand offers different and daring sunglasses.

Eyepetizer Sunglasses

Eyepetizer sunglasses are extravagant and singular. The brand uses shapes such as hexagons, ovals and even octagons.  It is also possible to find round sunglasses, but the designers has found a way to make them different through colours and materials.

The brand is capable to soft the most striking colours such as yellow or pink through the use of degraded and lenses with categories from 1 to 2 in most of their models. Regarding the materials we can highlight the metal, the acetate and even some details are made of rubber.

Eyepetizer Kate 1-12F
91,20 €

Eyepetizer Claire 4-19 48 21
85,60 €
Eyepetizer Vendome 2-7H 49 21
92,80 €

Eyepetizer Eyeglasses

Inside the Eyepetizer eyeglasses’ catalogue, there are light and comfortable models which have the best materials. Thanks to the thin metal from their frames, Eyepetizer eyeglasses gives a unique comfort.

These designs are youthful and modern, and because of this they are a good option to those people who look for the last trends.

Eyepetizer Pascal 4-A 47 22
125,60 €
Eyepetizer Manolin 4 49 20
140,80 €

Eyepetizer Natalia 9 54 17
115,20 €
Eyepetizer Santiago 4 57 16
115,20 €

Buy Eyepetizer sunglasses and eyeglasses

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