2019 Dior Sunglasses

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Dior presents sunglasses full of striking colours and innovative shapes. These models are presented as an indispensable article for the next seasons.

New 2019 Dior sunglasses spring-summer

This 2019 spring-summer, the brand presents different collections with the same purpose: stand out because of its originality and singularity. The materials that Dior uses for these new models are far away from the typical shape that we are used to.

Colours such as pink, yellow are the protagonists of these lenses. Through these tones, the designers look for the passion and happiness that the brand transmits through its designs.

Regarding the shapes, we can stand out the fact that Dior’s shapes use to be very simple. It is something that counter with the rest of elements.

The perfect combination of these colours together with the Dior sunglasses’ shapes make the best sunglasses for this 2019.

This season, Dior has launched various collections: DIORSOLIGHT DIORSTELLAIRE, SIORCOLORQUAKE and DIORSPIRIT.

New Dior Sunglasses

 Dior So Light

These sunglasses with an oversize and shield shape are considered the star from the season. Following other brands, Dior has joined to the shield sunglasses designs. On one side we have the DiorSoLight1 with a squared shape and on the other side the DiorSoLight2 which is rectangular.

Dior Stellaire

Dior Stellaire play with different designs inside the same model. Designers has as the main porpoise to play with different materials through thin frames made by acetate and metal. Besides, they count on different designs regarding shapes, colours or materials.

Dior Colorquake

This model could be the most innovative from the brand. These sunglasses don’t have frame and its temples are made by metal. The colours are daring and striking, with them the brand looks for stand out. Among them, it is possible to find squared shapes with big and small sizes. Besides, they also count on an aviator model.

Dior Colorquake 2 1EDQT 99 01
319,00 €
239,25 €

Dior Spirit

These sunglasses with a vintage style counts on a wide acetate frame. Although their vintage character, they are transgressor. They count on a cat eye model and a round one.

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