Now Available all the latest on Carolina Herrera Glasses 2021 summer edition

The new assortment for summer of Carolina Herrera glasses 2021 is now available for you at OpticalH. once again, you will experience the emotion, elegance and timelessness that has always characterized the creations of the famous Venezuelan designer. You will also enjoy the most avant-garde novelties in frames and lenses for these sunny months.If you… Leer Más

The latest in Ray Ban Glasses arrives at opticalH

The latest in Ray Ban Glasses has arrived at OpticalH to seduce you once again. Some of the most iconic models that we can see all over the world return, because the brand is well known for its ability to adapt to trends while keeping their unique timeless look. This year, we find a comeback… Leer Más

New in: The latest in Igreen Glasses 2021

The new collection of Igreen glasses 2021 is now available at your tristy optical shop. In this occasion, the european brand brings the same versatility as always with an extra of interesting new features; light and bright frames, new protection filters and much more, keep on reading if you want to know more. Glasses with… Leer Más

Prescription Glasses with Solar Clips

Glasses with Solar Clips have become a solution to a very common problem. Tired of leaving the house for an errand and always having to carry your glasses, sunglasses and even close-up glasses? At Optical H we have the solution with the option of prescription glasses with solar supplement. Now transform your glasses into sunglasses… Leer Más

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant new Collection

The Californian brand Oliver Peoples has launched the new Oliver Peoples collection of Cary Grant prescription and sunglasses, as a continuation of the tribute to the Hollywood of the sixties, that started with the Gregory Peck collection. Cary Grant sunglasses for Oliver Peoples The Oliver Peoples Cary Grant sunglasses collection is inspired by the glasses… Leer Más

Spring Summer 2021 Sunglasses

OpticalH arrives to bring you the Trends for Spring Summer 2021 Sunglasses. With the arrival of the longest, hottest days and the strongest sun rays, it is essential to invest in good sun protection, and while we are at it, make this investment fashionable. This Spring Summer of 2021 comes loaded with new sunglasses for… Leer Más
Nueva colección Chloe 2021

New Chloé Eyewear Collection 2021

The fashion power house Chloé with its new collection seaks to find a mix between the bohemian spirit of the 70s with elegance.The sun and eyewear collection that Chloé introduces us to this 2021 season shows exactly that. Offering a modern, feminine and young look we will find frames with a light weight combined with… Leer Más

Chanel Glasses Spring 2021

The New Chanel Glasses for Spring 2021 have arrived The new list of CHANEL spring 2021 glasses is here to the delight of those who seek the exclusivity of double C. for their gaze. As with the rich shades and colors that spring always provides, the Parisian firm once again satisfies to its most demanding… Leer Más

Chanel Prescription Glasses at OpticalH

New Chanel Prescription and Sunglasses catalogue available at OpticalH The professionals at OpticalH, in our desire to offer you the widest range of the leading brands in the sector, this time we bring you the new catalog of Chanel Prescription and Sunglasses with the latest collection from the prestigious French firm CHANEL. Without a doubt,… Leer Más

Yves Saint Laurent Glasses

Yves Saint Laurent Prescription Glasses The new models of Yves Saint Laurent Glasses in prescription frames are modern and elegant. They represent a timeless and luxuries style. The collection is an excellent selection of exclusive products distinguished for the quality in their making. Classic and iconic style enriched with elegant details. YVES SAINT LAURENT 336F… Leer Más