Versace 2021 The new Versace 2021 glasses collection is already in your trusted optician and with it the opportunity you were waiting for to get all the glamor of one of the most famous fashion houses worldwide. In this new edition, the firm founded by Gianni Versace continues to strive to keep its legacy alive… Leer Más


The new Bottega Veneta collection is now available and with it comes an unbeatable opportunity to get the latest from one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Italy. In this new line you can find what the Vicenza-born brand has always contributed, such as its taste for classic and timeless fashion, as well as… Leer Más

Persol and Steve McQueen

The new Persol glasses collection arrives at OpticalH The new Persol Glasses Collection is now available at your trusted optician in Tenerife and online. With this a new opportunity to once again enjoy the charm of this Italian brand. The Turinese firm continues with its genuine DNA: totally handmade glasses, made by hand and with… Leer Más

This Christmas Gift Health

This Christmas Gift Health. And there is no better way to show love for yours than taking care of them and their visual health. At OpticalH this Christmas season we make it easy for you. We have at our disposal not only a great team of qualified professionals with the necessary experience to advise you… Leer Más

The new Gucci 2021 glasses collection arrives at OpticalH

The new Gucci 2021 glasses collection arrives at OpticalH and with it a new opportunity to delight yourself with one of the most important brands in the luxury goods market, an unmistakable stronghold of the Kering group. In this new edition, the Florence-based brand once again bursts into the new trends in optical fashion, bringing… Leer Más

Fantasy Contact Lenses for Halloween

FANTASY CONTACT LENSES At OpticalH we know that Halloween is one of the favourite times of the year for a brave transformation, and fantasy contact lenses have become the perfect accessory to do so, becoming more and more common among the public. Give your costume that touch of realism with our Fantasy Contact Lenses for… Leer Más


The new collection of Chanel Glasses Winter 2021 has arrived and here we are going tell you all about it. This new collection known as "Precious Details" by the leading Italian fashion house arrives with brand new designs. These will stand out now only for its shapes and colours, but for its amazing high quality… Leer Más

New Chloé Collection

The new collection of Chloé glasses 2021 arrives at OpticalH The new Chloe 2021 glasses collection is now at your disposal at OpticalH and with it, a new opportunity to get the latest news from one of the fashion standards made in Paris. In this edition, the firm founded in 1952 once again offers us… Leer Más

New Collection Glasses Saint Laurent

The new Saint Laurent 2021 collection arrives at OpticalH The new Yves Saint Laurent 2021 collection is now available at OpticalH to let you intoxicate one more edition by the glamour and sophistication that one of the most recognized brands of the French group Kering offers. Avant-garde designs, the latest trends in frames and lenses… Leer Más

New collection of Police glasses for men 2021 in OpticalH

The new assortment of Police glasses for men 2021 arrives at OpticalH to offer you the latest in men's optical fashion. In this edition, you will be able to acquire the personality with which the Italian brand always treats its designs, seasoned with the latest details on rods and lenses to personalize the image of… Leer Más