OPTICAL H is formed by a group of professionals highly committed to prevention and improvement of your visual health.

We have several qualified optometrist opticians that will answer all your questions and will help in the process of buying the right glasses and contact lenses for you. We want you to take the best available solution for your visual health and feel satisfied with the guarantee of having the best quality

Just like being in a physical center, a qualified optician will guide you through your virtual purchase, advising you in every moment what is needed, explaining to you the advantages and drawbacks of each lens, treatment, type of frame, lenses with added value, etc. We supervise carefully each order and each commercialized product in our online optician. This way we make sure that all esthetic requirements and frames perform correctly in terms of visual health.

Each order is managed individually and personalized, adapting to the specific needs of each client according to the prescription of the optometrists or the ophthalmologist doctor.

We can resolve any questions you have: can my sunglasses be graduated? Which type of sunglasses suits me best? Which sunglasses are trendy?

We also have a specialist team in electronic commerce that provides us with great experience in online sales process, taking care of every single detail so your purchase will be done correctly.


We find ourselves at the forefront of the optician and the technology associated to it because our vocation is to adapt to the preferences and desires of our clients. We have a highly qualified professional team that use the latest technology in machinery of ocular exploration.

Our online optician works with a powerful program that will help you in the purchase process of glasses and lenses, and can offer the best alternative when looking for frames, sunglasses or eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc.

Even though the purchase process is done through a simple assistant, all the orders are managed by qualified personal that will verify if the configuration between frames, glasses, graduation and other combination, is correct. If we detect any inadequate combination we will contact you immediate and explain the disadvantages of the selection made, while advising you which could be the best solution and option for you.

If you have any questions before or during the purchase, you can contact us and we will help you.


In our facilities, we have this technological tool that enables us to comfortably take the necessary measurements to adapt both progressive and monofocal lenses.

Using the application, named Visioffice 2, the following parameters can be obtained:

  • Naso-pupilar distance.
  • Bridge.
  • Height (to frame edge or center Boxing).
  • Pantoscopic angle.
  • Facial angle.
  • Reading distance (which is normally used to read)

Through an intuitive interface you can get these measures with high accuracy and graduate your glasses with custom lenses using the best frames.


We have a complete optician shop with the latest machinery and technology. The mechanization of the manufacturing process provides perfect finishes for all products, excellent quality and allows us to offer the most suitable optical solution for everyone. We are specialized in visual health. Having our own workshop lets us:

  • Perform custom assemblies for any model of frames
  • Give technical advice on optometry and contact lenses
  • Ensure the excellent optical quality of all our lenses
  • Offer delivery in the shortest time possible
  • Check the entire process to ensure you the highest quality.
  • After-sales service: we guarantee lenses that are reliable and safe.

We have a laboratory that assembles graduated lenses with the latest technology that allows us to create the thinnest lenses and in a record time.

Also, we are leaders in the assembly of graduated safety glasses, graduated sports glasses, graduated sunglasses with filters y graduated therapeutic prisms.


Attended Computer Design: the cutting, beveling and treatments to the lenses are made with the support of software to insure the highest level of accuracy in record time.

Robotic Edger: our assembly shop is mechanized to ensure the finished product with maximum accuracy. The quality of the lenses, with robotic manipulation, creates glasses that fit perfectly to your visual needs.

Heat molding: we work with heating machine that mold frames and fit them into the visual configuration and parameters of each person.

Lenses mapper: this tool allows us to have complete control over the parameters of progressive lenses. The specific characteristics of the optical lenses are collected with great detail: cylinder, prisms, addition, sphere, etc.

We invest in the development of products and processes in order to achieve in the best way the needs of our clients, offering better product and services.

We have established important agreements with Technology Centers, Universities and manufactures to develop new optical solutions and to improve processes: Hospital Universitario de Canarias, Varilux University, etc.

Our aim is to keep on being a reference center in visual health. This project has been built thanks to the commitment of our team of professionals, our clients, partners, universities and technological centers. Thank you all for embracing the excellent technology, quality and bring satisfaction to our clients.