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List of products by brand SERENGETI

Serengeti is a brand born in Florida, in 1985. It quickly positioned in the polarized sunglasses market thanks to the unique combination of its characteristic lenses and significative innovations: photochromatic technology, anti-blue-light technology and spectrum control technology. Its lenses are composed by polarized filtres which absorve 100% of the reflected light and they are ideals to drive cars as to pilot planes. These glasses show elegant frames and with an atemporal style for an exigent audience. It also has a fresh and dynamic Sport line, as well as a luxury sunglasses line intended for women. Serengeti is a brand chosen for years by worldwide known people such as Val Kilmer, Peta Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, Alain Prost or James Denton. Serengueti combines all the qualities you look for in a pair of sunglasses: efficiency, elegance, protection and style.