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Vuarnet Sunglasses

vuarnet sunglasses shopVuarnet sunglasses are manufactured using the best technology in the industry. Vuarnet creates your glasses with the best materials, making them the most resistant and durable glasses. The designs are ergonomic and offer the greatest comfort to the user. The glasses of Vuarnet are usually of sports styles, ideal to use them in the day to day.

Sunglasses with the best protection

A very outstanding quality of the Vuarnet sunglasses is the quality of their lenses, which offer a wide range of possibilities. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and treatments such as anti-reflective and polarized.

Vuarnet sunglasses feature mineral (crystal) lenses that filter 100% of UV (UVA, UVB, UVC) and offer up to 99% protection against blue light, one of the most aggressive lights in the spectrum visible.

The lenses of the Vuarnet glasses are the only ones in the world designed to absorb up to 94% of infrared rays, allowing the best protection to avoid eye irritation. They have anti-glare on the inside of the glass to prevent side light from reaching the eye.

Sharp vision and intense colors

The Vuarnet sunglasses guarantee a vision without distortion chromatic and in high definition. They provide exceptional clarity, producing sharper vision compared to plastic materials of other lenses (called organic).

Anti Scratch Crystals

Vuarnet sunglasses are scratch resistant even in the most aggressive circumstances, such as brushing with keys in your purse or with some porous surface. They are also shock resistant, as a result of a chemical quenching safety treatment.

Vuarnet glasses created for sport

Vuarnet is a French company known since 1957 for manufacturing optical lenses of the best quality. Vuarnet gained worldwide fame after sponsoring the French downhill ski team in 1960 at the Winter Olympics.

Vuarnet has for many years sponsored important sporting events such as the Olympic Games and important marathons around the world. They are sports glasses par excellence, highly valued by athletes. The durable materials used to make them, make the Vuarnet glasses robust and durable.

Undoubtedly the Vuarnet glasses are a safe investment to be protected from the sun with the best quality possible. At OpticalH we make it easy for you to buy these glasses at the best prices.

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