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List of products by brand CEBÉ

The French brand Cebé was born in 1982 and has been over 120 years creating glasses specifically adapted to the most extreme weather conditions, for the harshest climate all over the world and glaciers. It has an special recognition in manufacturing sunglasses for extreme sports and winter sports goggles, which are used by both professionals (Sportech) and amateurs (Sportactive). Cebé eyewear offers a design line with elegant pointed framesCurrently, prime accompanied by technical advances and style to all athletes seeking pure adrenalineAimed at lovers of ancestral know-how and authenticity of wide open spaces, it is also essential for all those lovers of strong sensationsThe brand is experiencing a great success and is well aware: through a mentality resolutely turned towards the future, Cébé continues to seek new horizons to conquer.

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