Glasses for fishing or water sports


With this post we want to give you some tips on how to choose your fishing (or water sports) sunglasses.

When buying your fishing or water sports sunglasses it is really important to take into account the frame material, its quality and their shape. Regarding its material we can talk about: metal frames and plastic (acetate) frames.

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Sunglasses Christmas gift guide

regalar gafas de sol

Fulfilling something is just fine but this year you do not only want to hit the mark with your Christmas presents…You want to triumph and surprise your family and friends! Optical H offers you the solution for this: A guide on how to gift men’s and women’s sunglasses this Christmas.

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New Silhouette Collections 2016


Discover Silhouette world: Totally minimalist designs with ultrathin and light frames. Pure style and innovation.

Founded in Austria in 1964, Silhouette broke all the patterns stablished at that time regarding design and eyeglasses. They have kept their avant-garde style in their frames design for more than 60 years – especially in rimless frames –.

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Your prescription lenses ready to go back to school


It smells like new books, pencils are perfectly sharpened, intact erasers… It is time to go back to school and this means a lot of new challenges (especially parental ones).

As each year hopes to see your children shine at the end of the year come again. But are parents conscious of the importance of visual health in their children’s learning process? According to many researches dropout could be directly associated to some vision problems or to the necessity of wearing prescription lenses.

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All about double bridge frames

double bridge high quality sunglasses selection

Sunglasses are a classic among classics and double bridge lenses exist since long ago. RayBan Aviator are the clearest example but nowadays they have evolved and they have become one of the most requested models: they are one of the coolest complements and they will give style and personality to your look independently on the shape of your face.

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Eyeglasses without temples and in trend

Seeoo Pince-nez eyeglasses

The newest things always come from the future: we introduce a new style of eyeglasses without temples which are hold to your face only by its nosepads and which define a proper style.

The Austrian brand Seeoo have recovered this legendary eyeglasses model to update it with the newest technology. They have reinterpreted these historic glasses with an – even more – minimalistic and elegant design.

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How do photochromic lenses work?

Photocromic lenses

Photochromic lenses change automatically their darkness degree depending on ambient light but how do they do it?

Photochromic lenses were invented during the 60’s and they are the result of an intense investigation and research work. After many years of hard work it was possible to create a pair of lenses which reacted to ambient light.

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Chanel Jetlight, sunglasses as you have never seen before

Chanel Jetlight collection sunglasses

The new Jetlight collection by Chanel is simply awesome.

During its last collections Chanel have already impressed us with innovative designs full of brightness. This time Karl Lagerfeld has achieved it again with this collection. The Chanel creative director has bet on an avant-garde look with a futuristic touch which can be combined in any outfit.

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The “retro” and Californian style of Oliver Peoples


The eyewear brand Oliver Peoples has joined one of the most popular duos from the fashion scene (the Olsen Twins) to reinvent their iconic model O’Malley.

We met them during the 90’s when they were just 1 year old and became famous thanks to the tv show Full House…Nowadays  Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are prestigiuos fashion businesswomen who, after realeasing three lines of clothing, are getting into the sunglasses world with the intention of renewing the O’Malley model by Oliver Peoples. The model will became more femenine and will be inspired by the elegant and discret style which characterize the twins.

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